Frogs In Love

Frogs In Love

Frogs in Love is a great game with small challenges and mini-games
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Frogs In Love is an arcade game made by Boomzap Inc. Remember a game named Frogger? Well, Frogs in Love is not that game. This one puts you in the shoes of a frog that wants to dance with the frog princess in the fair. However, she lets him know that the frog that has more coins that day will win the right to dance with her. So you get to roam around in the pond meeting all sorts of froggy characters. Each one will set you a challenge or a game you must perform so you can conquer the love of your life. These games can go from jumping in the water from one place to another to a bug-eating match. There is also a butterfly-matching game and a zuma-like game where you throw bugs of the same color to break chains. Thats the great thing about the game, that the challenges are really well done and look great. But after a few levels, the game loses depth and you end up finishing it before you even started. It is a good game to spend some time playing, specially good for younger audience. But buying it might not be the best choice.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good graphics and animations
  • Good amount of games


  • Too short
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